Seattle International Randonneurs

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Headlights (white and clearly visible from 150 yards to oncoming traffic), tail lights, and red rear reflectors are required.
Note that some taillights are also legal reflectors. These may be checked and riders disqualified if they do not function. Functional lights must be mounted on bike at all times. Lights must be operating at night on each bike in a group. Blinking taillights are permitted, but note that these may bother some other riders. The brevet organizer may waive lighting requirements on 200 km brevets.
Backup headlights and taillights, extra bulbs, and extra batteries are recommended and may be required by the brevet organizer. Hand held flashlights or headlamps are recommended for repairs made in the dark.

Reflective clothing

Reflective vests and leg bands are recommended for riding at night or during poor visibility and may be required by the brevet organizer. This is for your safety and others in the group.


As a courtesy to other riders, fenders (with 1/4 coverage front wheel and 1/2 coverage rear wheel) are recommended. Additional rear splashguards are recommended for group riding.


Helmets are required.


Who's Been Riding?